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Artist Spotlight: Stadium Drive

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Ashley Phillips, Staff Writer

Remember the days when bands were formed in a  garage with your friends? Well, It’s 2021, and in the era of technology; the days of the garage band are far and few between.

One group of musically talented  friends from Calhoun County have something to say about that. 

Meet Stadium Drive: An “up and coming” band with an impressive sound grown right here in our own backyard.  Andrew May – lead singer and lead guitarist – said the band had originated back in 2017 as the result of a talent show. 

They began booking bigger and bigger shows, and the rest as they say is history. 

“It was really a friend group decision,” May said. His band mates and friends Noah Livingston – drummer, and Conner Smith – bassist, are what make up the power trio. 

Asked if the band might expand the group to add players, they said “We have experienced being a four piece before, however we work better as a three piece.”

“If we ever wanted to play keyboard, Andrew could drop the guitar and play,” the group continued.

Asked how they learned to play, they replied that they were self taught. “It all started when we were kids and we all just fell in love with the music,” they said. 

They said the Doors, Sound Garden, and Blink 182 are a few of their major influences. “We play a lot of Classic Rock and a lot of Punk.”

But they don’t plan on staying small-time for long. They’re seeking bigger gigs and stated, “We definitely want to live out our dream of making it in the music business, and influencing the world with our music!”

To see Stadium Drive play live, here are a few opportunities in the near future:

  • June 25th – Fourth Friday in Anniston
  • July 3rd – Noble St Festival
  • October 2nd – Hooligan Harley
  • November 6th – Kolectic Treasures Jam Fest

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