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by Stephen Hartsfield

The sun was near its noon day high on a Sunday when I sat down with local author Stephanie Bain. It was hot and humid on the front porch so we stepped inside to soak up some air conditioning as we spoke. Hailing from Oxford, Alabama in southern Calhoun County, Ms. Bain has a MA in History from the University of Alabama, has conducted graduate work in political science at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL and achieved a MFA in screenwriting from Regent University.  She also taught Political Science for several semesters at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL.

The achievements Ms. Bain has made in the academic field helped her parlay her education into success in her writing career in the genre of historical fiction.  In fact, her novel The Girl I Left Behind which is set during the War Between the States recently garnered her an award for Best Self Published Fiction for the Southern Christian Writers Conference Notable Book Award. That novel was the first book in a series.  Her knowledge of history has allowed her the ability to maintain historical accuracy in her fiction, while still allowing creativity through the characters she has generated.  She is currently working on the other books in the series.   “The second book is The River at My Feet, and it’s supposed to come out hopefully in the fall.  I don’t know.  We’ll see,” she said and flashed a smile.   

The girl I left behind audiobook

But Stephanie’s talents do not end with just historical fiction.  “I’ve got a bunch of other publishing projects that I’m working on,” she stated, “because I just got hired as a full partner in Little Roni Publishers.”  Taking on the role as editor at the publishing house, as well as continuing her authorial duties, has opened up a wider range of options.  She is currently working on a series of children’s books and is collaborating with an illustrator on the project.  “I never thought I’d write kids’ books,” she said, “but I’m actually enjoying it.”  Making the transition from novelist to children’s author has been a fairly easy transition for Ms. Bain, with the main difficulty being writing content that is palatable for children that are unable to read.  In doing so, you must make the stories appealing to children but also provide content that the adults reading the stories find appealing as well.  Her process in writing for children is generally the same as writing adult novels, with inspiration coming from many different sources.  “The amount of discipline required (to write for children) is  pretty much the same,” she said, “which is making yourself just sit down and do it.”

The Girl I Left Behind is available for purchase on Stephanie’s website at www.stephaniebain.com.  The book is available in traditional format as well as an audiobook.  You may check out the products available from Little Roni publishing at www.littleronipublishers.com.  They offer many products that target a varied demographic including a submissions portal for aspiring authors.

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