Creedmoor Sports Land Aquisition

Creedmoor ® Sports Acquires Additional Property to Support Long-Term Growth

Article By Ted Tedder

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Anniston, AL, US – (Oct 13, 2022) Creedmoor ® Sports
Creedmoor ® Sports recently purchased, from the McClellan Development Authority (MDA), more than 30 acres
on the grounds of historic Fort McClellan. The land acquisition includes four acres immediately adjacent to the
company’s current facility and is dedicated to supporting future expansion.
“I am truly thrilled that our company is experiencing success and growth right here in Anniston, on historic Fort
McClellan,” said Greg Kantorovich, CEO of Creedmoor Sports. “Many of our core customers are active duty,
reserve, or retired military. They appreciate the history, they appreciate where we are, and that helps create a
bond. Having the support of the MDA in this expansion project is truly invaluable. We are very grateful for their
support, support which will ultimately allow us to better serve our customers,” added Kantorovich.
Since relocating to Alabama in 2013, Creedmoor Sports has enjoyed a period of strong business growth. The
company has recently become more vertically integrated by expanding its in-house manufacturing capabilities.
This additional acreage will support a larger campus and will provide the infrastructure for further expansion in
the areas of manufacturing, product development, and retail distribution operations.
Established to ensure the future of what was once Fort McClellan, the McClellan Development Authority strives
to create a mixed-use community including commercial, industrial, residential, educational, and research-
based development. “The staff and board members of the McClellan Development Authority have made it
clear how much they value the businesses here at McClellan and have been very supportive as we plan for the
future of our organization,” said John Teachey, VP of Operations and Marketing. “Continuing to provide best-
in-class customer service and delivering the products our customers want requires expansion and keeping us
grounded here on McClellan has always been our top priority,” added Teachey.
"Creedmoor Sports has always been a highly respected member of the McClellan business community and a
prominent figure in the precision rifle shooting community,” said Julie Moss, Director of the McClellan
Development Authority. “Their representatives/staff have been a pleasure to work with throughout the planning
and proposal process, and we share their excitement in bringing this landmark company headquarters
expansion to McClellan,” added Moss.
About Creedmoor Sports, Inc.
As a leading supplier in precision shooting sports since 1979, Creedmoor Sports designs, manufactures, and
supplies the precision shooter with the gear needed to achieve their personal shooting goals. We manufacture
only the best products to give the dedicated shooter the confidence needed to win at every level of
competition. Known for best-in-class personal service, at Creedmoor Sports, we don't have customers…we
have friends.
Wayne Dayberry, Director of Marketing
167 Creedmoor Way, Anniston, AL 36207

1-800-273-3366167 Creedmoor Way Anniston, AL 36205Creedmoorsports.com


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