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06:30 PM
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1103 Lenlock Lane, Anniston, AL
GIRLS NIGHT OUT- Cray Fit Stick Fitness Sticks Class

GIRLS NIGHT OUT – Cray Fit Stick Fitness Sticks Class
Friday 7/12
Classes are $12.00 per person
What is Stick Fitness?
This is a one-hour jam session working your entire body that combines cardio, strength training, and conditioning.
This means you will be doing squats, lunges, oblique, ab, and booty workouts all with a set of drumsticks.
This class is a fun way to lower your stress levels, boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and combat chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue. This class is sure to be the best part of your week.
What do I need?
For this class, you will need a yoga mat, water and a sweat towel. I will provide you with drumsticks.
What are the drumsticks for?
The drumsticks are a fun way to distract you from your workout. You are so busy trying to keep beat that you don’t realize you’re getting a serious workout and improving your cardiovascular health, strength and coordination.

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