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Haunted Houses and Halloween Happenings

Article By Abby Parks

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Nothing can put you in the Halloween spirit like a haunted house experience!  And Calhoun County has some great choices to give you a bone-chilling adventure.  Read on for a guide to the best haunted houses and more happening in the month of October.

Haunted Houses

The Terrortorium Haunted House and Amusements

The Terrortorium Haunted House and Amusements is not your typical haunted house.  Located at 25 W Choccolocco St. in downtown Oxford, AL, you can choose from a variety of rides.  For $5 a piece, you can ride the Ferris Wheel, Stage Coach Ride, the Bullet, or the Spaceball 2000 Gyro.  The Haunted Castle Ride is $7.  There are varied combination tickets ranging from $20-$40 that allow entrance to multiple rides.  The Terrortorium is the perfect place to visit for families looking for some thrills and chills.  It’s open weeknights 7-10pm and weekends 7-11pm.

The City of Chaos

The Haunted City of Chaos is THE place to visit if you are looking for the hardcore terrifying time of your life!  Groups of up to 6 people are ushered through 8 haunted buildings in an Old West-style city replica.  You’ll encounter ghouls, zombies, monsters, and the terrifying Sergeant Chaos on your tour, with effects including intense lighting and strobe lights, fog, moving floors, special effects, and intense audio.  If you have physical conditions that may be exacerbated by these effects, you should take that into account before planning a visit.

Thursday, October 6 from 6-9pm, there’s a special KIDS/Sensory Night planned which is kid friendly.  The intense effects will be turned off, and friendly guides will lead families through the grounds where they’ll encounter less terrifying actors, have opportunities for photo ops, and can take part in Gellyball warfare. Kids are encouraged to dress up for the occasion.

Ages 13 and up can take the risk of exploring the City of Chaos for $20 each.  There’s a $40 Chaos Pass that allows you to skip directly to the front of the line (which can get long).  Other activities like the Chaos Convoy feature military transport to a battlefield overridden with ghostly soldiers, where you can fight them paintball-style for $25.  Or visit the Haunted Shooting Gallery for some preparatory shooting practice.  For $15 you can fire away at all kinds of Halloween-themed targets.  You can order your tickets in advance for the night you wish to visit. 

The City of Chaos  operates Tuesdays thru Thursdays 7 pm–10 pm, and Fridays thru Saturdays 7 pm–Midnight.  It’s located at Combat Park, 6755 Curry Station Road, 

Eastaboga Alabama 36260.  If you have questions, you can reach them by phone at (256) 600-6230, or email combatparkalabama@gmail.com.

The Haunted Chicken House

It’s been around for many a haunted year, and the scary thrills just keep getting more terrifying!  It’s the Haunted Chicken House, tucked away in the boonies outside of Heflin, Alabama.  Way back in 2003, this haunted house gained community support with an unexpected attendance of 800 folks, but has since grown to 13,000 patrons in a season as of 2021.  It’s one of the leading attractions in East Alabama, and if you’ve missed out on this spooky farm-style haunted house, the time has come to pay it a visit.

There’s three main attractions:  the Haunted Chicken House, the Haunted Hayride, and the Crazy Train.  In the first, you’ll walk through a psychotic chicken house littered with monsters and ghoulish fowl, viewing all kinds of atrocities in human-sized pens.  If a ride is what you desire, get on board the slow but scary Haunted Hayride, where you’ll tour some of the haunted grounds around the farm, including the junkyard, where you may witness explosions or fireballs, as well as monsters intent on attack.  If you’re really looking for a thrill, you can board the Crazy Train, a bus that darts around at high speeds in the creepy backwoods of the grounds.  A waiver must be signed for this breath-taking thrill.

Prices:  $15 for one attraction, $25 for two, and $40 for three.  Tickets can be purchased online in advance.   You can visit The Haunted Chicken House Friday and Saturday nights in October from 7pm-Midnight at 7522 Highway 431, Heflin, Alabama.  For inquiries call 256-225-7230.  

Halloween Parties and More

Halloween Party at Blu’s Karaoke Bar

What character will you portray this year at one of Calhoun County’s Halloween parties?  This frightful holiday will be paired with a birthday for “Homer” at the Halloween Party at Blu’s Karaoke Bar including pizza, tricks, and treats (and we assume, karaoke…wanna be the brave soul to take on Thriller?).  This costume-encouraged event will take place Saturday, October 29 from 8pm-1:30am at Blu’s Karaoke Bar, 1013 US Highway 431, Anniston, Alabama.

Hooligantacular Halloween Party

Hooligan Harley-Davidson is hosting a Halloween Party with live music from The Surface Dwellers and grilling from the Hades Hounds.  This family-friendly event will have a costume contest for adults at 2pm and for kids at 2:30pm.  Check it out on Saturday, October 29 from 12pm-4pm at Hooligan Harley-Davidson, 231 Davis Loop, Oxford, Alabama.

Rocktoberfest Halloween Block Party and Costume Contest

There’s creepy whisperings of a freaky Halloween party taking place at the haunted (no joke) Peerless Saloon in downtown Anniston– the Rocktoberfest Halloween Block Party and Costume Contest.  While exact details of this event are as yet to be announced, we do know that there will be live music by Stone House Revival and the Rattlesnake Rattlers.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 29 for this all-evening event.

Halloween Spooky Picture Nights

They say a picture is worth a thousand words….well, a Halloween picture could be worth a thousand chills when you get your super-spooky family or friends’ portrait taken at Halloween Spooky Picture Nights.  For just $20, you can have an 8×10 taken of your costumed group on October 29 and 30 from 12 noon-11pm and on October 31 from 4pm-11pm.  Candy is included in this fun activity at 42 Mable Drive, Weaver, Alabama, hosted by photographer Jimmy Smith.

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