Reuben sandwich from Peerless Saloon in Anniston

Lunch at The Peerless

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One Reuben to Rule them all.

Let me tell you this was not Reuben me the wrong way. All jokes aside, I just wanted to brag a little bit on The Peerless Grille and Saloon and how good their Reuben Sandwich was. I really enjoyed my lunch. The Reuben is a serious sandwich for Foodies and the punches of flavors are key. As the server (who was great) put it down I could tell it was game on. The rye bread was toasted to perfection with just enough crispy toasted crunch to mash up the stars of the show. Those stars are the Corn Beef, the Cheeses which I know was Swiss, but I am pretty sure Provolone was on there as well. The amount of sauerkraut was perfect and with some dressing on the bottom and a little mustard on top every bite of this Sandwich continued to get better as I went along. I had the warm kale salad as my side, and it was out of this world! The absolute perfect compliment to the Reuben. Although not a staple on the Main Menu you can catch this Sandwich on special. Keep an eye on their FB page or just check them out to see if it’s on the chalkboard next to the bar or ask one of their friendly staff. ENJOY!

You can order online here. 

Reuben sandwich from Peerless Saloon in Anniston
Warm Kale side salad at the Peerless Saloon in Anniston

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