Daiquiri Shack


The Daiquiri Shack is located on 3805 HWY 202 Anniston, AL and is known for it is Daiquiris and food. Let us talk about the food. The menu at the Daiquiri Shack offers a variety of food; from appetizers like their Cajun Ranch Fries or famous fried pickles to their entrees such as Shrimp and Grits or their Buffalo Shrimp. In the mood for a good burger? They have you covered, not only, with great tasting Hamburgers but also with the popular Scramble Burger. With wings offered in 6 flavors and whole wings an option too, these are one of the Daiquiri Shack must try. There is an item that stands out from the rest (in our opinion) and that is the POTS – served regular or Cajun; these come as a Shrimp Pot, a Crab Leg Pot, or you can make it a combination of the two. All pots have new potatoes and corn on the cob, cooked to slow perfection, in the mix. Monday through Friday they offer soul food specials with every day of the week having a few choices for you available.  Look at the whole menu for everything available and the prices are great too. We hope you enjoy the Daiquiri Shack and if you cannot make it in to eat DoorDash is available for delivery.