Effina's Restaurant


Anniston, Jacksonville

Effina’s Downtown located at 919 Noble Street in Anniston, Alabama and Effina’s: A Tuscan Grill located at 501 Pelham Road North in Jacksonville, Alabama offer the residents of Calhoun County a place to dine on authentic Italian food in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. The concept for the restaurant is based around the warm, gracious, family mealtimes of the owners’ youth in Grandmother Effie’s home; events filled with laughter and authentic, great tasting food. With selection of the freshest ingredients and expert preparation, the restaurant provides its customers with quality Italian fare. Since its inception, Effina’s has become a prime location for patrons to get a taste of Mediterranean cuisine without the need to leave northeast Alabama.

The menu at Effina’s offers the opportunity to sample a variety of freshly prepared traditional Italian dishes. Their pasta dishes include fettuccini, spaghetti, tortellini, rigatoni, and ravioli offered in a variety of sauces including Bolognese, Alfredo, and Marinara. Effina’s pizza menu begins with a choice of traditional red sauce, garlic-oil, or white or basil pesto. Add your choice of toppings and top it off with whole milk mozzarella and your personal pizza is done. Their calzones start with handmade dough, parmesan and mozzarella and completed with your toppings of choice. Chicken and veal Marsala are also available, and the restaurant was a past recipient of the best chicken award offered by The Taste of Calhoun County. With fresh fish and scallops available at market price, quality steaks cooked to order, and a variety of specialty salads, the well rounded menu at Effina’s has an offering for everyone. Add to that daily lunch and dinner specials that are not available on the standard menu, Effina’s stands out from the run of the mill franchise Italian restaurants. And if you need catered meals brought to your doorstep, Effina’s can provide that as well. In addition to their standard catering menu of specialty sandwiches and sides, their service offers onsite grilling, fish frying, and barbecue to help make your event special. If there is something unique you wish to provide your event, just give Effina’s a call and they will customize their catering menu to fit your needs.

Effina’s Downtown and Effina’s: A Tuscan Grill provide the residents of Calhoun County and travelers passing through the region the opportunity to dine on quality Italian dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you are flying solo or looking for a place to have a glass of wine and a quality meal with friends and family, Effina’s can provide you what you need. If you are looking for a service to cater a wedding or graduation party, Effina’s has you covered. As a premier Italian restaurant in Calhoun County, Effina’s lives by their motto: “Casual…yet sophisticated dining.”

Jacksonville Location
Anniston Location