Jefferson’s Restaurant


In 1991, the Jefferson’s restaurant located at 407 Pelham Road North in Jacksonville, Alabama, opened its doors. Committed to the premise that central Calhoun County and the Jacksonville State University sports crowds could use a place to drink a pitcher, grab some good food, and watch or talk about the day’s game, the sport’s bar set out to fill their niche. The eatery quickly established itself as a fixture of the Jacksonville restaurant and sports scene and continues to fulfill their commitment to that community every day. Since the establishment of the flagship pub that still stands next to the Old South Antique Mall, the Jefferson’s brand has become synonymous with wings, beer, and sports and has sprouted establishments across the fertile ground of northeast Alabama and northwest Georgia, including a second location in Calhoun County at 230 Spring Branch Road in Oxford.

By focusing on traditional sports bar menu items, Jefferson’s has been able to maintain consistent quality in its food by understanding the tastes of their clientele and giving them what they want. With a choice of more than 20 sauces, there is a wing flavor available for everyone and has led to the restaurant winning past “Taste of Calhoun County” awards. Their signature and award winning Double Dipped wings are a perennial favorite and can only be found at their eatery. The Jefferson’s burger and Jefferson’s chicken sandwich are fan favorites and menu staples and feature your meat of choice topped with American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, and barbecue sauce. And if fresh oysters are your choice for the day, this public house has them however you like them: raw, fried, or baked according to several different recipes including Oyster Rockefeller and Cajun Oysters.

As a sports bar, Jefferson’s always has a game or sporting event on the television screens. The Jacksonville location features six T.V. ‘s, and broadcasts national and regional football games on Saturdays during the NCAA season, and on Sundays and Monday nights when the NFL is in full swing. They offer sport’s viewing year round, however, and MLB and NBA games are broadcast in the venue along with NASCAR events and numerous other seasonal sports. The bar has an extensive selection of domestic and imported beers, both in bottles and on tap, and a single tap is designated as a dispensary for local and regional brews that are offered in rotation. No liquor is sold at the bar, but you can purchase beer by the pitcher and wine by the bottle if you choose to do so.

For more than two decades, Jefferson’s has provided the residents of Calhoun County a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a burger, fries and a football game on Saturday, or a plate of oysters and a pitcher of beer on a Wednesday afternoon, you can find it at Jefferson’s. And with their track record of service to the community and their obvious staying power, chances are Jefferson’s will be the champion of your season this year, and in years to come.