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A new year will bring new music from The Jacob Darrow Band. “My main goal for 2020 is to release an EP,” says Darrow, guitarist and vocalist. “I’ve got the first single recorded… So that will probably be out very early 2020 and then some other music to follow.”

The EP will be the first from the Alabama-based band, which formed in November 2016 when a few guys started playing together on campus at Auburn University. Over the next couple of years, the band branched out to other cities including Montgomery, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Anniston, and Huntsville. 

“Music put us all through college, you know, it paid for our textbooks and paid our rent and all that kind of stuff, so it was good,” Darrow explains. Since graduating, Darrow has been playing mainly solo acoustic shows, but says the full band will be playing more in the new year. 

While the band plays a blend of funk, rock, and upbeat blues. Darrow says the “new EP is more southern rock, even a little towards country a little bit.”


Darrow credits The Dirty Guv’nahs as an inspiration for his band saying, “They were all students at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and I love their music. It’s kind of the same like southern rock, blues influence.” Other influences on Darrow include John Mayer for his guitar mastery and Jason Isbell for songwriting. 

Darrow’s history with a six-string goes back to age 12 or 13 and memories shared with his granddad. “Neither one of my parents play music, but my granddad did. So he kind of wanted to get me started on that and see if it took, and it did.” 

Throughout high school, Darrow spent Sundays playing guitar in a praise and worship band at his church. He says, “Those couple of years were pretty instrumental in just building my chops up.”

“I’m a big subscriber to the 10,000 hour kind of philosophy where if you want to be a master of something you’ve got to do it for 10,000 hours,” Darrow continues. “I think of myself as a guitar player first and a vocalist second.”

Upcoming Shows

                    • 05 Dec Josie’s Decatur, AL 
                    • 06 Dec Goodfellas Social Club Helena, AL 
                    • 07 Dec Mario’s Five Points Huntsville, AL 
                    • 09 Dec The Exchange Bar Montgomery, AL 
                    • 12 Dec Atomic Johnny’s Gadsden, AL 
                    • 13 Dec Mad Malts Brewing Huntsville, AL 
                    • 14 Dec Rails & Ales Leeds, AL 
                    • 19 Dec The Brick Grill & Bar Guntersville, AL 
                    • 20 Dec Oversoul Brewing Helena, AL 
                    • 21 Dec Asgard Brewing Co. Columbia, TN 
                    • 27 Dec Bushwacker’s Retreat Gurley, AL

Darrow has played about 150 shows in 2019 which keeps him on the road a lot, and he says he uses that time to listen to new music. “I like listening to music as much as I like playing music… A lot of times you’ll meet people at gigs and they’ll have a song request and it’s like some super obscure song so I’ll try and listen to stuff like that on the ride home, and that’s cool so I get to listen to a bunch of new stuff.”

All of that time alone in the car is also an opportunity for inspiration to strike. Darrow says he’s focusing heavily on his lyrics in songwriting. “I’m not trying to write songs that I would play at like a college bar anymore,” he says. “I’m not trying to write upbeat country songs that sound like everything else that’s on the radio.”

Follow The Jacob Darrow Band on socials to snag his EP when it’s released. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram at Jacob Darrow Music. Message Darrow on Facebook to book him for a solo or full band show.

The Jacob Darrow Band Socials

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacobdarrowmusic



Email: mailto:jacobdarrowmusic@gmail.com 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNeda_gMYcmL4Q5AcqunVjA/videos

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacobdarrowmusic

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