Aura Bobatea in Anniston Alabama

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Have you heard? It’s the talk of the town!

Boba enthusiast no longer have to travel to bigger cities to experience this creamy and delicious beverage. An ice-cold boba tea is now easier than ever to find and it’s made a home for itself right here in Anniston! The owners of Aura Bobatea told us “We love bobatea and we’d have to travel to Atlanta when we wanted to enjoy it ourselves. We knew we wanted to find something closer to home and decided to bring the experience closer for everyone” and we are so thrilled they did!

Aura Bobatea made a splash when they opened their doors on Sunday, August 6th and we had to check the excitement out for ourselves.

But first, some of you may be asking “What in the world is bobatea?”.  In short, it’s a beverage that contains tapioca or fruit-flavored pearls; but that doesn’t tell us much, so let’s dig a little deeper…

Boba tea, also known as: bubble tea, pearl tea, bubble milk tea, boba, and boba fruit tea is a cold drink with a tea base, a milk or fruit flavor, and edible pearls (the “boba” in boba tea). This combination of milk, water, tea, and sugar seems to have endless variations and is typically served in a wide-mouth plastic cup that is sealed with a clear wrap. Boba pearls can be seen in the bottom of the cup, and are quite chewy. These tapioca pearls are usually black (black boba) but they also come in clear and white.

Don’t forget, there is also Popping Boba. This is a fruit based boba that has a gel-like skin that bursts with flavor when squeezed.

And while we’re talking about toppings, let’s go over the Jelly too. These jellies are also chewy and have a jell-o like consistency. They come in a variety of flavors like coffee, fruit, mango, and grass jelly. We haven’t tried the grass jelly yet, but this is a popular dessert in some Asian countries and has an herbal taste with a hint of mint.

So now that you know a little bit more about Boba and you’re ready to try the drink for yourself, be prepared for a drinking experience like no other!

You will be able to pick your base, flavors, toppings, sugar level, and ice level. Then you’ll puncture the sealed lid with a wide straw and depending on your selection, as you drink the bubble tea you will find chewy or bursting pearls sucked through the straw and you will simultaneously be drinking and chewing together.

We asked Aura Bobatea what their most popular flavors are and they say the Brown Sugar Milk Tea and the Crème Brulee Milk Tea are coming in hot!

While we were there we tried the Crème Brulee and added black boba, the Pineapple Fruit Tea with popping boba, and the Blueberry Milk Tea with fruit jellies. I think we could try a different flavor every day and never once be disappointed! These creamy, delicious drinks come in a variety of flavors and combinations. Let me recommend the Peach Milk Drink with fruit jellies!!! It’s my new favorite!

Boba tea is typically Vegan friendly and Aura Bobatea is, but it’s important that you always ask an employee first if you have any dietary concerns.

While you’re there, grab a delicious and unique Bubble Waffle or Tiramisu Dessert Cup!

Aura Bobatea can be found at 9 Bill Robinson Parkway in Anniston (across from Lenlock Wal-Mart and next door to Papa John’s Pizza). They are opened Monday-Saturday from 9am till 6pm and on Sundays from 10am till 5pm.

Article by: Karla Eden

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