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Big Daddy’s Café – Legendary Hole in the Wall

Article By Ted Tedder

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What exactly makes a restaurant a “Hole in the wall”? First it needs to fit the criteria. Being small, local, and family owned is a great starting point. Being inconspicuous is a good trait; not some large chain restaurant we all know about. Finally, it needs to be unique and authentic. You really need to get a feeling that this is one of a kind and there is no other place like it on earth.

Oh, and we almost forgot the most important part, the food needs to be the star of the show. I am here to testify that Big Daddy’s Café checks all those boxes and then some. I am no stranger to Big Daddy’s Café. We used to make trips there when I went to college in JSU (back in the Nineties). I loved turning new friends on to my favorite Hole in the Wall and road tripping, eating, talking to Big Daddy himself. I’ll never forget the time he had a few steaks he marinated and cooked for us. Although he is no longer with us, the restaurant has always been a family affair and continues to be. It always reminded me of going and eating at my Mema’s house.

Recently had the chance to bring some new folks with me for lunch one day and it was just as delicious as I remember. On this day they had Salmon Patties as a featured menu item. Or as my MeMaw used to call them, Salmon Croquettes. They tasted like they were made with love and a cast iron skillet. Absolutely delicious! I honestly could have eaten at least five lol. For my two sides, I really enjoyed their deep-fried Onion Rings. These were not out of a bag but cut and hand battered.  A nice helping of a squash casserole or stewed squash rounded out a perfect lunch. Washed it down with honestly the best Sweat Tea I have ever had in my life. Not sure what they’re doing special to that sweat tea, but it was amazing! The features or specials of the day were still written out on a flash card to go along with their regular menu. This was exactly the way it was done when we used to come in the college years and the décor had not changed too much either. As the saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. There is a reason it has not changed and has been open since 1969.

I certainly put Big Daddy’s Café as one of the TOP “Hole in the Wall’s” around and cannot wait to bring someone new to experience it, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

*Pro Tip* Be sure to bring cash they do not currently accept cards.

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  1. We bought a farm in Nance’s Creek in 1970, and Big Daddy’s became a regular stop for our family.

  2. Big Daddy’s may be a “hole in the wall “ but they have the BEST FOOD! I know because I eaten there and have even placed to go orders!!! My family comes from Cartersville, Georgia to eat at Big Daddy’s and they have NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED! It doesn’t matter what you get to eat at Big Daddy’s you will leave wanting to come back!! The people that work there are friendly and make you feel welcome!! Top notch food and staff!!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed eating at Big Daddy’s in W.P.! But I loved it best as a teenager when they had a pool table in the back! So much fun and many memories!!!

  4. Any time we are working in the area we stop in for lunch. Love their homemade cheeseburgers. Have been stopping in for last 30 years or so. You need to stop in if you haven’t tried them

  5. I discovered Big Daddy’s in high school (Jacksonville High) 😉 & brought my daughter for her first Big Daddy’s lunch this year. It did not disappoint 😉 They still don’t take cards, but I think they will take checks (if not out of state). It was soooo good 😉

  6. Oh, so happy to read that Big Daddy’s is still open!!! I used to go there with my mom & stepdad – Danny & Lamar Harper, whenever, I made a trip up there from down here in Mobile. The food was fantastic & atmosphere was super friendly. Good ole home cooking at it’s best!!!
    I haven’t been since they passed away – 2002 & 2009, but, hope to come up that way in near future!

    1. It’s located on HWY 9 – 8640, 8866 AL-9, Anniston, AL 36207 to be exact. White Plains area.

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