City of Chaos

City of Chaos in Eastaboga, AL

Article By Ted Tedder

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One of the most anticipated Haunted Attractions is now open at Combat Park in Eastaboga, AL. We here at INSIGHT got to peek inside last night for its soft opening. The CITY OF CHAOS is a fright fest that will feature not one, not two, not three but FOUR attractions people can participate in. Aptly named; the City of Chaos consists of an actual, old west town vibe, with eight terrifying dwellings your group must walk through. Each dwelling has its own scary identity and obviously we can not give too much away, but an adrenaline rush is guaranteed. One of the coolest parts of the Haunted City is in addition to the 8 dwellings, there is a graveyard, a haunted playground and the crown jewel Tunnel 109. Before you ask, yes, it is an actual underground tunnel that we descended into filled with twists, turns and things we cannot discuss; this was an extremely intense (fun) voyage! We all survived tunnel 109 and ascended back above ground, only to realize we were now on the other side of the city and had to buckle up and enter more dwellings. We loved the layout and the overall grand look of the whole park. The City of Chaos Is located on Combat Park which is already impressive and massive.

A haunted Shooting Gallery Is also available and as fun as shooting haunted targets is it was also stunning visually. You must check it out for yourself, and the kids were having an absolute blast shooting paintball guns at haunted targets.

A Chaos Convoy will be ready for the Grand Opening tonight. This is a paintball experience where people will ride in a convoy on different Military vehicles while battling Sergeant Chaos’s Army of Darkness. We can not wait to go back and participate in this.

 The Cataclysmic Convoy attraction has all the bells and whistles or in this case zombies and monsters as the Chaos Convoy with one BIG exception – the Military Vehicle you will travel on to massacre the undead is an actual TANK.

All the details you need to know, and tickets are available about the City of Chaos are online at CityofChaos.com. You can also follow their FB page here. We had such a cool experience and got the old blood pumping a bit. We highly recommend going and experiencing this new attraction for yourself. 

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