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Article By Abby Parks

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If you care about the way your cookie crumbles, then you’ll be excited to hear about the new gourmet cookie store Crumbl Cookies which just had its grand opening last Friday, June 9 (with a soft opening Thursday, June 8). From that time to the day I got to speak with co-owner Nik Wills (approximately 4.5 days later), the stats were nothing if not impressive–they’d filled 3,600 orders! If that’s any indication of enthusiasm for this chain, I’d wager that Crumbl Cookies is set up for smashing success.


About the Chain


Crumbl Cookies is a store that has gained momentum in its spread across the United States since its birth in 2017 in Logan, Utah. There are now over 800 bakeries in 49 states and two stores in Canada. In Alabama, there are over 10 stores in areas like Mobile, Birmingham, Dothan, Madison, Auburn, and Huntsville. 


The stores are designed with an open-concept kitchen, where customers can watch employees mix, set, and bake the cookies in real time. Dining in is not an option (at least not in the Oxford location)–you wait in line, place your order at a single register (or on their phone app), then step to the side and await your order. A screen overhead shows the customer’s name and where they are in order placement. Options for ordering include a box of 4 cookies, a box of 6, or a party box of 12, as well as individual cookies. Don’t expect them to come cheap–my box of 4, tax included, was about $15. 


Their menu of 275+ possible recipes rotates weekly, so there’s plenty of variety to satisfy a demanding palate. Recipes enhance classic sugar cookies and more with ingredients and toppings such as brownie batter, hot fudge, peanut butter, marshmallows, icings, sprinkles, powdered sugar, sea salt, and cinnamon buttercream. Some popular choices are listed below:


Popular items:


  • Double Chocolate Chip
  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Classic Krispies Bar
  • Brownie Batter
  • Confetti Milkshake
  • Classic Pink Sugar


Other rotating recipes:


  • Lemonade Cookie
  • Nilla Bean Cupcake
  • Molten Lava Cookie
  • Cinnamon Frybread


About the Owners


Co-owners Nik Wills and his wife Jayne Coovert were part of the corporate team for Crumbl Cookies in Utah, where they’d settled after Nik left the Navy. As traveling trainers/recruiters, they helped other business owners launch and operate their Crumbl businesses from the ground up. Through this process, they developed a desire to launch stores of their own, and upon securing some business partners, they settled on Alabama as their state of choice. Their first store was opened in McCalla, Alabama last April. 


On the topic of opening a store in Oxford, Nik expressed that he’d gone on recommendations, one being the sound advice of a former owner of a Little Ceasar’s restaurant owner who’d bragged on the location of Oxford. It’s a perfect halfway point for travelers going between Atlanta and Birmingham, as well as a destination for sports teams (Choccolocco Park) and an ever-growing shopping hub for residents of Calhoun County. For those reasons, Nik stated, “This hits that nail on the head!”


The gamble on a location that was not in a big city seems to have paid off by early indications. The lines of folks outside the door to buy cookies have been long and constant, and their opening sales have surpassed those of the other store in McCalla. While he expressed that there has been some stress for him and his new staff members in keeping up with the steady stream of customers, he’s thrilled at the initial success.


The Cookies–My Experience


When I arrived to purchase my anticipated pink box of cookies, what appeared to be a line to order was actually customers who were waiting on items they’d already purchased. I was able to walk right up and order. There was a display of some of the cookies they were selling that day, all of which looked delectable. Being the chocolate fiend that I am, however, I only had eyes for certain ones I’d previously researched. I chose one of their classic double chocolate chip cookies, a molten lava cookie, a brownie batter cookie, and a peanut butter cookie. 


It only took from 5-10 minutes to receive my order, which I was happy with. As I waited, the store filled up with a new rush of customers waiting to order. I watched as the able staff worked tirelessly, scooping out cookies onto sheets. One lady would get a clump of cookie dough, weigh it, and roll it in chocolate chips, finally molding it into a round shape on her sheet. Others were in charge of pulling cookies from the ovens. I was served up my set of cookies by a hospitable hostess, who showed me my order before closing the attractive pink box with its modern baker logo atop.


I’d brought milk with me, but having discovered it wasn’t a place to sit and dine in, I took my cookies to the car and first broke off a piece of the brownie batter cookie. As I ate and drove (to share my purchase with the boys at Daybreak Media), a sweet sugar rush washed over me. Oh, what a delicious delight! I kept exclaiming, “Mmmm…..MMMMM,” as I drove. At the office, I told Kevin I preferred the brownie batter cookie to the molten lava, which seemed cakeier and a bit on the dry side. Little did I realize (until the next day), but in my sampling of the side of the cookie, I had not gotten to the rich, oozing hot fudge center that takes the cookie to a whole new level–an out-of-this-world level, to be exact! I was literally in Heaven eating my molten lava cookie, reheated in the microwave.


Kevin praised the chocolate chip cookie for its richness, while Ted was positively overwhelmed with the tastiness of his go-to cookie, the peanut butter (which, by the way, has a nice swath of creamy peanut butter spread across the top).


I brought the leftovers home, and am still working on them, as I don’t want to put on too much weight. One cookie can carry as many as 720 calories. These cookies are challenging choices for health-conscious folks–more a terrific indulgence for a special occasion, or just a rich dessert option.


One thing I can say. I have no regrets about enjoying the rich decadence that is a Crumble Cookie. The new store is located at 262 Oxford Exchange Blvd in Oxford, Alabama. Hours of operation are weekdays 8 am – 10 pm, and 8 am – 12 am Fridays and Saturdays and closed on Sundays. 


Beginning Wednesday, June 14, the Oxford location will offer delivery, curbside pickup, catering, and nationwide shipping via the Crumbl App, as well as online. A new feature on the Crumbl App is the Cookie Journal, where customers can rate and track cookies, leave reviews, earn achievements, and more. Also, if you’re still struggling over a Father’s Day gift for your dad or husband, they’ve got a merch store that includes some great options like a Crumbl Golf Set (or golf ball and tee packs), t-shirts & hats, belt or vanity socks, and pickleball paddles.

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