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Downtown Anniston’s Annual Restaurant Week 2023

Article By Abby Parks

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There’s something in the air in the heart of downtown Anniston. What are those robust aromas wafting about in the vicinity of Noble Street, 10th Street, and other roads nearby? Could these savory scents be coming from eight powerhouse restaurants planning to impress diners with some out-of-the-box extraordinary specials? The answer is YES! From August 20 thru 26, the best restaurants in Anniston will be participating in the Annual Restaurant Week, a time when they will showcase special menu items to let folks know just how talented and unique they are. Get ready to sample their “zesty best” next Sunday thru Friday as they create exceptional dishes just for you, their valued customers.


Anniston’s Restaurant Week was scheduled to coincide with the official restaurant week for the state of Alabama, but that exact date was slow to be announced and then differed depending upon what major city you live in. While the dates of Montgomery’s Restaurant Week will coincide with Anniston’s, the one in Birmingham was July 20-29, while Huntsville’s is running August 11-20. Main Street Anniston went ahead with Sunday, August 20 through Friday, August 26, with the top priority being to showcase to the community how special the restaurants of Anniston truly are.


As Karla Eden of Main Street Anniston shared, “It’s a week where we’re taking the time to really highlight our restaurants and what we offer because not everyone knows what downtown restaurants we have. We’re blessed with the fact they are all locally owned instead of chain restaurants like some of the surrounding areas.”


The eight restaurants participating are Classic on Noble, Peerless Saloon and Grille, Besitos Mexican Kitchen, Effina’s Downtown, Coldwater Brewpub, Gina’s BBQ, Rack and Roll Billiards and Sports Bar, and Full Bellie Deli. Each one will have something special to offer within that time frame, with their menus available through Calhoun County Insight’s Restaurant Week Page.


You’ll find a wide variety of cuisines to sample during Anniston’s Restaurant Week. If you’re into elevated Mexican food, Besitos Mexican Kitchen is the place to visit, as they are pulling out all the stops by offering a unique special every day of the week. Whether it’s something down-to-earth like street corn you’re craving, or a full meal like Milanesa Verde, this restaurant that opened just last April is ready to serve up a meal you won’t soon forget. Ariel Vicars, one of the managers of the restaurant, expressed excitement to be a part of it, relaying, “We’re looking forward to the first of many restaurant weeks in downtown Anniston. The specials I’m running are dishes that are some of our personal favorites and I hope people come out and try them.”


Of course, Anniston’s historic pride and joy, The Peerless Saloon and Grille, will be taking part in this fun event. While you may be familiar with their regular menu, you may not have realized that they can whip up a mean plate of Shrimp and Grits–their special for restaurant week. Meanwhile, Rack and Roll Billiards and Sports Bar is not only offering two special dishes next week, but they are also rolling out an exciting new lunch menu featuring Southern favorites like a fried pork chop or chicken and dressing accompanied by 2 sides.


For a taste of fine dining at its best, you could drop in at Classic on Noble, where a new feature they’ve made available on Thursdays will be offered Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Restaurant Week–their Snack Menu. Diners can purchase smaller-portioned food items ranging from $3-$12 while “sipping” on one of the specialty drinks created by Ryan their bartender, including unique recipes for mojitos, martinis, and other cocktails with a twist. Crystal Mashburn was enthusiastic about their participation in Restaurant Week. “We’re so happy the restaurants have come together, and that we’re supporting each other. We also want to thank Main Street for what they do, and thank the community for their support.”


If you’re craving something deliciously satisfying during your lunch break (like Chicken and Dumplings better than your grandma made), you’ll surely want to drop in at a terrific local deli off the beaten path–Full Bellie Deli. Their specials are not only affordable but off-the-charts-scrumptious. Or go even more Southern with the smoky goodness of what’s being offered at Gina’s BBQ, whether it be their featured scramble burger or seasoned wings. For either of these restaurants, be sure to go for their specials early enough to beat their 6pm closing times.


Effina’s Downtown is keeping its cards close for Restaurant Week, but we’re sure they’ll whip up something magnificent. But one Anniston restaurant is pulling out its big guns. Coldwater Brewpub is grilling up a mouth-watering chargrilled 14oz Ribeye Steak, topped with a gourmet bourbon-peppercorn cream sauce. Make plans with a date or the whole family to feast hearty!

While some menus are still coming together, and tweaking may occur, you can keep yourself informed of all that Anniston’s Restaurant Week has to offer by checking the Restaurant Week Page. And we encourage you to support these restaurants by expressing your experiences with the hashtags #annistoneats, #restaurantweek2023, and #WeAreMore. And remember–if there was ever a time to eat out in downtown Anniston, Alabama, the time is August 20 thru 26 in support of all the fabulous local restaurants!

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