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Find Your Dream Flavor at Angel Cakes Creamery

Article By Abby Parks

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Every town needs a good old fashioned ice cream shop.  Unfortunately, Anniston, Alabama didn’t officially have one…until now!  The latest attraction in town that is sure to tickle your sweet tooth is the Angel Cakes Creamery at 4422 McClellan Blvd.  For locals familiar to the area, it’s located in the Sumerall Mall next to Kolectic Treasures.  This unassuming storefront is home to some of the tastiest, innovative ice cream flavors you can sample in all of Calhoun County.

Flavors Galore…But Wait, There’s More

At any given time, customers can choose from 34 different flavors of ice cream on display out of a variety of 66 that the staff interchange as needed.  Since their grand opening August 27, Angel Cakes Creamery has already made an impression, with new customer flavor favorites like:

  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Salty Caramel Peanut
  • Carrot Cake
  • Butterscotch Bomb
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Birthday Cake

There were 7 variations of chocolate on display that would satisfy any chocolate connoisseur (like myself):

  • Chocolate
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate
  • Road Trip
  • Mississippi Mud
  • Captain’s Chocolate
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Rocky Road

There’s lots of other great classic ice cream flavors, and at Angel Cakes Creamery, you are not limited to certain flavors like vanilla when it comes to a banana split, a sundae, or a milkshake.  They allow you to choose whatever flavor combinations you desire to customize your dessert.  For those folks that love a great ice cream topping, you, too, will be blown away by their selection that includes:  marshmallows, pineapple, peanut butter, brownies, cheesecake bites, M&M’s, strawberries, oreo cookie crumbles, sprinkles, and more.

Besides shakes, malts, ice cream cones, and sundaes, they offer the Angel Swirl, which is a thicker type of milkshake with mix-ins.  They are adding a 4-Scoop Sampler to the menu to accommodate customers that can’t decide from such a vast array of flavors, with scoops that would be kid-sized.  Another addition to the menu will be ice cream floats, as well as dairy-free flavor options in the near future.  If you’re concerned about sugar, they currently have some no-sugar added choices like a sea salt caramel.  Special kids flavors are also available like Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy and Superman.

Angel Cakes Creamery serves food items like loaded nachos, chips, sodas, and their newest menu item–hot dogs!  You can choose from a plain hot dog with basic toppings or a chili cheese dog.

The Woman Behind All This Sweetness

Owner Dawnielle Leibfred, who resided in Florida many years before relocating to Anniston in 2021, was inspired by other ice cream shops that are prevalent there, as well as a particular one on the Jersey Shore.  Owned by her husband’s aunt, The Boardwalk LBI was voted one of the top ice cream shops in the US for its milkshakes.  Armed with a lot of knowledge of the ice cream business, Dawnielle shared that she wanted to create a family-friendly place in the Anniston area that people can visit for an after-dinner dessert or a midday sugar-cravings buster.  

One of her main concerns in starting this business was that she would find a distributor that provided a variety of high-quality ice cream flavors.  She was thrilled to decide on The Ice Cream Club out of Boynton, Florida, which provides access to 150 unique flavors.  The ice cream is produced by a process called Vat Pasteurization, which takes a longer period of time than many other processes, but it produces a caramelized-rich taste to the sugars, resulting in decadent flavors that are distributed nationwide.  Dawnielle couldn’t be more pleased with her choice, and her new customers have sung the praises of the flavors as much as she does.

In the future, Dawnielle hopes to collaborate with businesses such as Kolectic Treasures for special birthday party events.  Kolectic Treasures already hosts Splatter Painting, a fun activity for kids that could easily be paired with a party at Angel Cakes Creamery.  Further down the line, Dawnielle also envisions her creamery producing specialty cakes.

She emphasized the fact that they are open later than a lot of businesses in the area–till 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights, so that folks who’ve had a nice meal out, or dined in, have a place to go get a tasty evening treat.

Angel Cakes Creamery is open Tuesday – Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday – Saturday 11am-9pm, and Sunday 12-6pm.  You can find them off of Highway 431 in the Summerall Mall at 4422 McClellan Blvd., Anniston, AL, 36206.

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