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Lunch for a month at Betty’s BBQ

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Betty’s BBQ has been a staple of Anniston, AL for as long as I can remember. Southern BBQ runs in this family’s blood. With the parents’ restaurant resumé consisting of the old Goal Post in Anniston, AL and siblings Stan and Kathy currently operating Pruett’s BBQ in Gadsden, AL and Betty’s BBQ here in Anniston, AL. It’s safe to say everything is homemade and more than a few Family Recipes have been making people happy for quite some time.

I thought it might be fun to take a food journey and go try a different meal at Betty’s BBQ one day of each week for a month.

Week One

Coming out of the gates at a BBQ Restaurant made the choice for my first meal simple. You guessed it, a BBQ Pork Plate! The BBQ was excellent, you could really taste the smoke and time they put into it to make it so tender and juicy. I always get my BBQ sauce on the side and apply myself. I found myself adding more than usual; it too was excellent. Decided to grab 3 sides for this meal: Cabbage Salad, Potato Wedges, and Turnip Greens. The cabbage salad, which I have never seen or heard of before, was out of this world. I would think this was one of those family recipes we discussed earlier. The potato wedges were fantastic, and the turnip greens were good, especially paired with their cornbread and a little vinegar.

Betty's BBQ - bbq plate week 1

Week Two

I am a massive fan of Fried Chicken and I take it very seriously! I asked about the Fried Chicken and was told there would be an extra 15-minute wait for it. If you know Betty’s BBQ, they are very good about getting food out in a timely manner and after all an extra 15 minutes is not bad at all. So I ordered a Breast and a Wing and let me tell you, it was Well Worth the Wait! The batter was phenomenal, extra crispy and seasoned to perfection. I would love to know this recipe. My go to sides for Fried Chicken are always creamed potatoes and green beans. Today was no different and they were the perfect complement to my new favorite, fried chicken. I will be back for another helping soon.

Betty's BBQ - fried chicken week 2

Week Three

On this day the Open-Faced Roast Beef w/ Mashed Potatoes caught my eye. The roast beef was very tender and was served on top of a piece of white bread. At first, I was a little skeptical about this combo, but the white bread and roast beef were delicious together. I added just a little gravy to both the Roast Beef and my side of Mashed Potatoes. I also found myself using the mashed potatoes as a dipping sauce, so to speak, it was excellent. One of my lunch crew friends, I noticed, had ordered the Creamed Corn which was on special that day. I was led to believe it’s not available daily on the menu. It looked great, so I ordered one about mid meal and was very glad I did.

Betty's BBQ - roast beef week 3

Week Four

A discovery was made on this day. I found out that Friday’s Fried Pork Chop is the featured special. This piece of news certainly made the choice for the Last Meal of the Month an easy one. The special comes with that delicious cabbage salad we had on the first meal and green bean casserole. I was wanting to try the green bean casserole, but I had a hankering for more of those potato wedges, so the cabbage salad got substituted. Just like the Fried Chicken, this batter on the pork chop was absolutely phenomenal. It was nice to find that you get two of these pork chops as well. I will make note to make Friday’s Pork Chop Specials a staple for future lunch choices.

Betty's BBQ - pork chop week 4

This was a Month of Lunch to remember. INSIGHT highly recommends Betty’s BBQ and if you can make a Month of Lunch there you will not regret it. Until next time…Eat Like a Local!

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