Mason's BBQ

Mason’s BBQ in Jacksonville, AL

Article By Ted Tedder

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I had the pleasure of having lunch at Mason’s BBQ in Jacksonville, AL. I always loved this location, and I was hoping a really good restaurant would make its home there. The staff were wonderful and got me seated and a menu right away. The Menu was great, featuring specials on certain nights that I assume can only be Family Recipes. Items like the “Hot Mess Pie” served on Saturdays or the “Jackie’s Deviled Eggs” that are served on Sundays. I will be back to try these soon! When In Rome they say, or When in a BBQ Joint order, the BBQ Sandwich (w/ Cole Slaw and Fries). Before I get into the Sandwich, I must tell you the Cole Slaw was amazing! Much like their BBQ Sauce it had an awesome “tangy” flavor that is hard to tell you in words but trust me they know how to get your taste buds dancing. The fries were golden and crisp, as well, but whew that Cole Slaw. Their signature Pulled Pork Sandwich was certainly the Headliner though. I didn’t meet the owners, but I got that feeling they are a family business and have been doing BBQ for quite some time. The pulled pork was seasoned perfectly and seemed to be cooked slow and low just the way I love it. That Sauce! I had to buy some of it to go. I hope they get it in bottles soon because I need more of that sauce in my life! Again, the “tangy” (for lack of a better word) flavor is to die for. Next time I am going to order double sauce on the side and dip my fries. I was really impressed with Mason’s BBQ and Calhoun County Insight HIGHLY recommends them. 

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