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My Sweet Escape

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By Kelsey Butler 

Paint Parties and Art by Tiffany Beal

Local artist Tiffany Beal found her “sweet escape” in art and has turned her passion into her business. 

Beal has been hosting paint parties in and around Piedmont, where she lives, for five years. She travels to homes for private parties and holds classes for groups at the Piedmont Civic Center and The Factory in Gadsden.

After years of building her business, Beal is now opening her own studio in downtown Piedmont to house My Sweet Escape: Paint Parties and Art by Tiffany Beal. “This has been my dream for years now to have my own studio,” she says.

With the opening of her studio in Piedmont, Beal will have the space to allow private parties to rent the space for birthday parties and other events, and it will give her the freedom to get back to a lot of art that she hasn’t had time for like charcoal drawings. “Those are very time consuming,” she explains. “They can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours per picture.”

Beal isn’t limited to one type of art. From charcoal and acrylic to wooden signs and door hangers, she’s done it all. A studio opens the door for Beal to showcase every side of her talent. 

In addition paint parties and custom art, Beal plans to stock her studio with handmade home decor saying, “I have all these ideas that I want to incorporate along with the parties.” One of her ideas is to offer private lessons and “some type of kids program in the summer.”

When it comes to private parties, My Sweet Escape is unique in that Beal brings the party to you. She will travel up to 60 miles one way to host a paint party in the comfort of your home. These parties are popular for girls nights and birthday celebrations alike. 

Adult parties usually last two to three hours depending on the size of the group and the difficulty of the painting. Pricing for adult parties is $25 per person (minimum of 10 people) or $250 for a party of 10. Children’s parties typically last an hour or two and cost $15 per child (minimum of 10) and $150 to book a party of 10. If additional people show up for an event they may pay at the time of the party.

Beal supplies everything you need for a paint party. She says “When they come to me I supply everything. When I go to them I supply everything but tables and chairs.” Beal suggests private parties also allow for good lighting, water, bathroom access, and plenty of space to set up.

“A lot of time when people come they are so serious with it and I tell them this is fun art not fine art,” Beal laughs. “It’s more about hanging out with your friends and having a good time because I play music and its just about the fellowship and just interacting with each other and cutting loose.”

“And just getting away from your kids or your homelife for a minute,” Beal continues. “That’s why when I started I called it My Sweet Escape because it was my escape from the real world. So when other people come it’s kind of like their escape to get away from life for a second.”

During parties, Beal takes you through the painting step-by-step so that everyone follows along together, and she’s there to help if you need it. “I come around and help you if you need help, and I help you individually.”

To book your own private party with My Sweet Escape: Paint Parties and Art by Tiffany Beal, contact Beal through Facebook Messenger.



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