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Nail Care and Supporting Your Local Salon During the Pandemic

Article By Staff

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By Karla Eden 

Girl moms (and some dads) around the world are currently getting manicures and pedicures from their young daughters. Daughters, who are loving every minute of playing beauty shop, not realizing the magnitude of what is happening outside the doors of their comfortable and safe homes.

Nail salons are a profitable 8 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. With Covid-19 on the rise in the state, local nail salons started seeing a decline in business over the last 3-4 weeks, followed by a state issued mandate on March 28th to close up shop till further notice.

Many women rushed to appointments in the last moments hoping that this pandemic will be over before their 2 week fill-in; while others are now unsure of how to care for their already grown out sets.

Edward Joe Sturkie Jr, owner of Edward’s Nail Lounge on the Square in Jacksonville, tells us that it is likely your nails will need a lot of care and attention when salons reopen. Edward gave us a few tips on how to care for your nails at home in the meantime.

If you have gel polish over your natural nails that need to be removed. Soak, don’t peel! File off the topcoat with a coarse nail file, followed by soaking in 100% acetone.

If you have acrylics the length will most likely be your biggest problem. File, don’t cut! Clipping the nails could crack the acrylic, creating an opening for moisture and ultimately fungus to grow. While filing is more time consuming, it is the safest option.

Edward also suggests to us that maintaining your nails at home may not be the best option. It could possibly be the ideal time to soak your acrylic off, care for your natural nails, and then get a new full set when your nail technician has returned to work.

His closing thoughts with us were this: “us, industry professionals, understand that our customers want to look glamorous, but we can not do that at the expense of everyone’s health and safety. It is too great a risk and everyone must do their part to combat this. I miss my clients as much as their nails miss me. Do the best you can. Stay home, stay healthy, and if all else fails – soak them off and we’ll start a new set when we reopen.”

So, take to Pinterest – find some home remedies or mini manicures and treatments, pick out a cute but simple design, and enjoy the quality time with your daughter painting each other’s nails. The nail salons will reopen and your nail tech will be ready for you when the time is right. Afterall, this quarantine is temporary, but the memories are forever. 



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