Hillbilly Eggroll at Cooter Brown's Rib Shack

The Hillbilly Eggroll at Cooter Brown’s

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Family owned and operated, Cooter Brown’s Rib Shack remains a staple in Jacksonville, AL. During our latest visit, we wanted to focus on one of our favorites and “pull back the curtain” on the… drum roll… Cooter Brown’s Hillbilly Eggroll.

Owners Tim and Barbara Johnson opened Cooter Brown’s, on Highway 204, 20 years ago and let us get a sneak peek on this one of a kind appetizer.

Tim says he encourages his staff to get creative in the kitchen when they have time. Several years ago, a former kitchen manager did just that. He introduced a new take on the classic egg roll. Dubbed the “Hillbilly Eggroll”, this is not your ordinary cabbage and vegetable stuffed wrap.

Manager Donovan Marsh showed us how they’re made.

Hillbilly Eggrolls begin with Cooter Brown’s homemade coleslaw. Mix in some fresh pulled pork – and a secret ingredient – and you’ve got the makings for these delicious pouches of goodness.

Marsh explained that he uses water as the “glue” to hold the wrap together, “that keeps it from falling apart in the fryer”.

Staff members say they get a lot of compliments on their eggrolls. Katy, a Cooter Brown’s waitress, said many first-time customers ask her “What in the world is that?”. Others walk in knowing exactly what they want. “When Homeland Security guys are in town they walk in and say ‘I need the Cooter’s Juice and some Hillbilly Eggrolls!’”, Katy laughed.

Hillbilly Eggrolls can only be found on the menu at Cooter Brown’s Rib Shack, and for just $6.50, I would highly recommend adding them to your order the next time you stop in!

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