The Rocket

The Rocket in Jacksonville Alabama

Article By Ted Tedder

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The Rocket has been a legendary eatery in Jacksonville, Al for 65 years now and counting. I have eaten many meals there from my college years (at JSU) to my adult years now and it never disappoints. The old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is certainly applied at The Rocket. Not too much has changed over those 65 years which tells you all you need to know (albeit they did start to take CC’s which is a good addition in my opinion). I recently enjoyed one of my all-time favorites from there, the Double Cheeseburger Basket. Everything is delicious at The Rocket, from their amazing BBQ to their Onion Rings, but if you have never had the Double Cheeseburger Basket, I highly recommend it. Good and Messy with shredded lettuce, cheese, pickles, chopped onions, hand-pattied meat in-between two buttered buns. Yet, the thing that really separates these cheeseburgers from the rest of the pack and the reason The Rocket has won countless awards is – THE SAUCE! I would love to tell you what it is exactly, but it is an old family recipe. The sauce is the Boss with the Twin Cheeseburger basket. Go give it a try soon!

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