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Best Asian Restaurants in Calhoun County with Reviews

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Anniston is in Calhoun County, Alabama, lying in the Appalachian foothills. It started as an industrial community owned by Samuel Noble and Daniel Tyler in 1872. The city got its name Anniston from Daniel’s daughter-in-law Annie Scott Tyler.

What started as a small community is currently a city with over 21,000 people rich in history. The streets, parks, and museums in Anniston, AL, are filled with memories of some of the most historical events in the United States.

Some of the places visited in Anniston include the Museum of Natural History, Oxford Lake, Mt. Longlife Wildlife Preserve, and the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail. The city plays host to a 31ft tall chair ranked the tallest worldwide. It is home to landmarks, such as the Hell’s Gate Bridge near Oxford, which locals say is haunted. Anniston has other parks, gardens, museums, and other places you can visit and enjoy yourself.

Calhoun County has fun places to visit and amazing restaurants to eat at after a long day. Alabama is rich in locally owned and major chain restaurants, including the famous Top O’ The River Restaurant. You will get the best restaurants with unique menus and great dishes anywhere in Calhoun County.

People are going out to dine and enjoy their meals at restaurants and eateries countrywide. You would love to eat at any of our best places to eat in Anniston, AL, and surrounding areas. Asian delicacy lovers visit their favorite restaurants and dine with their families and friends.

Here are some of the top asian restaurants in Calhoun County, you would love to visit.

House Of Chen

House of Chen is an exotic Chinese restaurant that has served the people of Anniston, AL, since 1976. The restaurant offers authentic and delicious Chinese food to its customers at affordable prices.

House of Chen is famous for its diversity in taste and the usage of high-quality ingredients. It has vegetables, meat, seafood, poultry, soup, and fried rice available to its customers. Enjoy some of their dishes at affordable prices, such as the triple delight and sweet-sour delight. You can also enjoy the delicious happy family combo with your family at the restaurant.


“China close to home”

“Traditional favorite for Chinese food around Anniston”

“Asian with a twist”

“My all-time favorite Chinese restaurant”

“Good Chinese food”

“Unique place for Anniston”

Thai One On Anniston

Thai One on Anniston is an Asian restaurant that offers the best authentic Thai dishes and Asian cuisines. The restaurant has a wide variety of meal options such as beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, crab rangoon, and tofu, together with their curry, noodles, and egg drop soup.

Thai One on Anniston will give you everything you want in a comfortable and colorful atmosphere. You can get the special dishes and entrees on offer at the restaurant. Vegetarians can choose from our meat-free dishes to get their satisfaction. They also have a fully stocked bar for those who love to have a drink.



“Cool find for lunch”

“Great food, great services”


“Authentic, great atmosphere, very tasty”

“Absolutely fantastic Thai”

Jasmine Chinese Cuisine

Jasmine Chinese Cuisine is a new and fashionable restaurant serving the best Chinese food in Oxford. Their chefs emphasize preserving the natural flavors of their ingredients in a Cantonese cooking style. They prepare their dishes with passion and care and ensure you get the best experience. You can get a wide selection of traditional Chinese and Thai dishes at the restaurant.

Jasmine Chinese Restaurant aims at gaining a solid reputation through providing excellent cuisines and good customer service. Its Asian design makes the restaurant suitable for couples on a date, a family dinner, or a business meeting.


“Jasmine delivers”

“Asian flair”

“Best sushi in town”

“Great food, friendly service, and half-priced drinks”

“Great place to eat”

Isshin Asian Café

Isshin Asian Cafe is the best stop for tasty Asian cuisines and Sushi in Alabama. Located in Jacksonville, the cafe is a suitable option for affordable dine-in and take-outs. You can choose from the wide range of meals made from fresh ingredients at the restaurant.


“Awesome bubble tea”

“Best Hibachi chicken”

“Best local Asian cuisine and sushi around”

“Our favorite for take-out”

Panda Express

Panda Express is a family-owned Chinese restaurant in Oxford, Alabama. Their ingredients are selected and prepared every day, so are always fresh. Enjoy the best Chinese food and special dishes such as the famous orange chicken, fast food, and other cuisines. They also have a broad selection of healthy foods and special dishes ready for you.


“Pleasantly surprised”

“Still my favorite”

“Panda express tamed my craving in a hurry”

“Quick but good”

Yume Japanese And Asian Cuisine

Yume Japanese and Asian Cuisine is a restaurant in Oxford, Alabama, serving sushi, Thai and Japanese dishes. The restaurant offers a cozy space for lunch, a formal dinner, business meetings, and other special occasions.

They have a wide variety of meals on sale, such as salmon dishes, fried rice, egg roll, chicken curry, hibachi, and Thai food. They also offer vegetarian-friendly meals such as vegetable fried rice and other healthy foods for their customers.


“A delightful surprise”

“Freshest sushi anywhere”

“Great sushi and fried rice”

“Amazing food and atmosphere”

“Lots of variety to choose from”

Ono Grill

Ono grill at Anniston is a good joint for eating and drinking. You will find a wide variety of Japanese food, grill, sushi, steak, and seafood. You can get a lot of food at a pocket-friendly price in this restaurant.


“Excellent sushi”

“Great people and service”

“Wonderful dinner”

“Good sushi, cheaper than average sushi place”

Fuji Japanese Cuisine

Fuji Japanese Cuisine in Oxford, Alabama, is a restaurant that offers Asian food to the community. The restaurant serves Japanese dishes, sushi, seafood, chicken, noodles, steak, and salads. Special vegetarian-friendly meals are also available at the restaurant.


“Fabulous food and service”

“Awesome Japanese cuisine”

“Great sushi and friendly employees”

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