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Best Mexican Restaurants in Calhoun County

Article By Ted Tedder

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What makes America great is that it is a melting pot. That means that we can interact with a wide variety of cultures in this wonderful country. We can enjoy delicious foods, learn about different ways of living, and expand our horizons. Many people appreciate a type of food in the south of Mexican food.

What is it that people appreciate about Mexican food?

Many would gravitate to it because of the variety that it offers. Maybe it’s the fresh ingredients from various food groups. Perhaps it is the fact that it is flavorful and very delicious. Others may like it because you can get this amazing set of meals at an affordable price. We have so many options to choose from amazing fajitas to those packed burritos, that we never cease to get tired of these offerings.

You can also find delicious daily food specials at the best restaurants in Anniston, AL, have amazing food, quick service, and more in Anniston, AL 36201.

Let us look at some of the best Mexican restaurants in Anniston, AL, and surrounding areas.

Los Arcos in Anniston, Alabama, and Oxford

Many people are pleased with the Los Arcos in Anniston, AL. They rave about the authentic music, the wonderful atmosphere, and the great food. The Los Arcos restaurant is recently opened in Anniston, Alabama.

It is no wonder why the restaurant is announcing some news.

Mexican food enthusiasts in the local area will be happy with the latest news. There is going to be another new Los Arcos restaurant on Colonial Drive. The Mexican eatery saw the opportunity, loved the spot, and added another location.

This is a perfect spot for a great Mexican food restaurant.

The restaurant management noted that they are excited about bringing in this new restaurant and working hard to ensure that the experience and overall atmosphere are up to par.

The new restaurant should be open around the last half of this year.

If you are looking for the best Mexican restaurants in and around Anniston, AL, this is one of the places that you should certainly visit.

Mexico Lindo in Oxford, Alabama

You have to visit Mexico Lindo if you genuinely love Mexican cuisine. They have a wonderful take on how they structure the atmosphere. You can see sombreros, great decorations, and great chairs that remind you of being in a city in Mexico. It is not a modern feel but rather a classic feel. This classical feel is quite likely why many people go to it.

If you are looking for a place to relax, eat Fajitas, and enjoy some wonderful frozen margaritas, this is the place to go!

Are you looking for some shrimp cocktails? They have it! How about some Chiles-poblanos rellenos? They have that, too! From salads to Molcajete, you can find that Mexico Lindo has it all.

Baja California Grill in Jacksonville, AL

Baja California Grill seeks to bring about a more sunny experience to those who visit. As is evident in the name, one can see that it wants to bring a bit of that Baja California essence to its atmosphere.

The concept has worked out well because Baja California Grill is thriving and doing well.

People rave that this restaurant offers great service, a cozy atmosphere, and good portions for the money you spend there. Some people even note that they had enough for breakfast for two days even after eating generously while at the restaurant.

People also note that they always offer a clean and convenient space.

The restaurant also has a great seaside theme that many people love. The theme includes floating sharks (not real ones, of course) and fish tanks. The seating arrangements are more modern. It is a great Mexican restaurant to visit on a Friday night. It has good food, a great ambiance, and wonderful people.

Los Mexicanos Restaurant

You should check out the Los Mexicanos restaurant near Anniston, AL. It is a great restaurant with great decorations, a wonderful exterior, and some amazing food.

We do not know if we can classify it as the best Mexican restaurant, but it is certainly one of the best restaurants. It also provides a simple interior design, great lunch options, and good service.

This place is located in Oxford, AL. It has these wonderful Spanish accents, from arches inside its place to these other additions that make you feel like you are at the Alamo or some other cool historic landmark.

People who go here for the first time say that it is a nice surprise! From the friendly waitress that will greet you at this business to the helpful managers and owners, you are sure to love this fresh place.

Margaronas in Anniston, AL

Just the sound of the name makes it appealing. It sounds like you are on a journey to discover some lost treasure or, in this case, some fantastic food for dine-in and takeout.

This restaurant is located in Anniston, AL, and it offers classic Mexican cuisine. They serve flavorful chips and salsa, great queso, and top-shelf margarita. They do a great job of making the food to where you can taste the cilantro, the nuances in the cheese dip, and taste the freshness of the food.

Others have noted that the street tacos are almost earth-shattering. That is certainly high praise for street tacos.

You can find that Margaronas cantina offers feasible food as well!

That is the type of place you want to stay open for the long term.

Some people will visit Margaronas at least several times a week because they always obtain great service and eat fresh food paired with the right drink.

It has an austere environment. It does not try to go overboard in anything it does, except for making sure that its customers in Anniston have a wonderful time.

Tacos and Tequila

You can find this wonderful restaurant in Alexandria, Alabama. People go here for birthday parties and other events. You can be sure that this place will deliver from the cheese to the chicken and other items. Customers also talk about the fact that this restaurant has great service and that the drinks are reasonably priced! It does have a buffet that it offers on Sundays within a specific period.

If you are looking for some great items, check out the Tour of Mexico and similar food items.

This place is quality, relevant, and sure to meet your needs.

If you are looking for top-notch service, remember to visit this location! You will be happy that you glanced at their menu and ordered up something amazing.

Loco Mex in Jacksonville, AL

This restaurant will ensure to do everything right. They understand that this is a people-oriented business and will provide a great experience. People compliment this restaurant for always ensuring to treat people well with great food, service, and various options that you may not find elsewhere.

From the Wet Burrito to the other foods, drinks, and the general prices, this is a place to visit for sure!

Anniston, AL and Surrounding Areas Have Much to Offer

Best Mexican Restaurants in Anniston, AL

You will likely be pleased with the various Mexican cuisine businesses that offer fantastic dinner, lunch, and breakfast options. It is always good to have a simple list of the best Mexican restaurants in Anniston, AL. This way, you can try them one by one and see which one suits you.

The Anniston AL area and surrounding places have much to offer for lunch, dinner, and more. If you are looking for places to go out with your husband and family, you can certainly go to these places. They will have fresh hot food that you are bound to love.


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