Big Time Entertainment construction site

Big Time Entertainment Coming Soon to Oxford, Alabama

The rumble of a bowling ball rolling down the hardwood lane of an alley is a distinctive sound.  The satisfying crash of pins flying against each other and tumbling down has excited bowlers for decades and keeps those that love the sport coming back again and again looking for that perfect score.  With the closure of the Anniston Bowling Center in 2018, an alley that had operated continuously since its establishment in 1979, those familiar sounds couldn’t be found in Calhoun County.  But thanks to local developers who plan to establish Big Time Entertainment at the corner of Elm Street and Tower Road in Oxford, Alabama, those tones will again be heard in the Anniston/Oxford area;  however, Big Time Entertainment is about more than just bowling.

The facilities for Big Time Entertainment that are currently under construction at 15 Elm Street in Oxford will bring diverse options for family entertainment to the region.  The building will house 58,000 square feet of indoor attractions including a sixteen lane bowling alley, an arcade with over fifty games, a ropes course and zip line, a laser tag arena; state of the art multi-level go-kart racing facilities, a restaurant, and a soft play area.  The complex will also provide an outdoor patio, and an eighteen hole outdoor putt-putt course.  Simply put, Big Time Entertainment will provide the residents of Calhoun County and the surrounding region with a single location where they can choose a number of entertainment options.  The ability to provide several different amusement choices in a single location puts the facility a step ahead of other entertainment businesses.  The facility is also expected to help boost the local economy with the expected hiring of thirty to thirty-five full and part time employees and it will also boast a full time management team.  Many of the businesses next to the entertainment center are expected to see an uptick in commerce when the facilities open due to the increased traffic in the area.

Big Time Entertainment construction site
Construction for Big Time Entertainment is underway at 15 Elm Street in Oxford, across the street from Jefferson’s and Mango’s Cantina and Grill

Upon completion, Big Time Entertainment will offer top-notch amusement amenities for residents of the area.  The complex will fill a niche in the region that has been vacant for some time; and it will help the local economy by keeping entertainment dollars inside the Oxford city limits.  When the complex is finished, Big Time Entertainment will likely become the go-to location for patrons that are looking for a single venue with diverse amusement options.  Polish up your bowling balls, lace up your shoes, and get ready to play.  Whether you roll a strike or a gutter ball, Big Time Entertainment will give you the place to do it.

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