Smallcakes Cupcakery Shakes Things Up

Article By Ted Tedder

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Ever go into one of your regular “spots”, a place you are familiar with, and notice something new on the menu? At least, it’s new to you because you didn’t spot it previously. This happened to me on my last visit to Smallcakes in Oxford, AL. Pretty much what we call a pleasant surprise. After chatting with friend and owner Jason Green, I glanced over and noticed Milkshakes were available. I must know about these being a fan of Milkshakes, so I asked for the details. Jason proceeds to tell me that not only do they have Milkshakes, but you can pick any of their delicious Smallcake flavors and the shake is made with the Smallcake as one of the main ingredients. Now I must decide what I am going to pick for my first shake. Easy call, Birthday Cake; you can never go wrong with a Birthday Cake flavored Smallcake. So, I ordered myself that and grabbed an Italian Crème for a friend.

OK, I must admit, I was very excited to try this. This is the first time I have ever heard of a shake and cake combo. Sip…Sip…different…slurp…slurp…YES…OMG let me tell you friends these are a Home Run! Jason mentioned to me that the staff from, nearby neighbor, Logans are regulars when it comes to walking over and getting these tasty treats. Always a good sign when folks in the food industry have discovered and approve of a delectable. The combination of the cake batter mixed with the ice cream was a great texture and my rainbow sprinkles brought home that birthday cake flavor. I really enjoyed this unique take on a shake and will certainly be back to try other flavors. Maybe I will see you in line! 

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