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Artist Spotlight: Wilson Brothers Band

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Ashley Phillips, Staff Writer

Meet Kyle and Chad Wilson; the brothers with the buttery voices and smooth country backwoods sound. 

From the hometown of Alabama’s own Alexander City, these small town boys didn’t stay small town for long as their music and voices project a big personality. 

The brothers come from a long lineage of southern musicians. 

“I have been around music my whole life,” Kyle said. “My grandparents, parents, sister, cousins, and everyone I was around as a child played music.I had several bands through high school and college, then made the move to Tennessee to make a career out of it.” 

The band is now based out of Nashville, TN and Denham Springs, LA with most of its rehearsals and business conducted out of Nashville. 

Kyle said he started the band by doing a few self lead projects in Texas when a friend, Bobby Spence, invited him to Nashville to collaborate. Now with additions to the group, Jake Holder from Kentucky was added as the band’s fiddler, A’Darius Dunlap from Tennessee on the bass guitar and serves as music director, and Howard Artis from North Carolina will possibly soon land the position of drummer. Kyle serves as the band’s lead vocalist and guitar player. 

“It’s a band of brothers so everyone has to [be] on the same page,” Kyle said. ”It’s not just another show or weekend run. God first – Family second.”

Asked what a usual day for the band would be, Kyle said, “A normal day for the band is pretty simple I guess. They have to make sure their fear is ready for the next show and if there is any new material, they have to learn it. Other than that, their off days are mild.”

Kyle on the other hand is constantly busy with confirming future shows, managing the band’s finances, booking flights, and handling the business side of music as well as writing and rehearsing new material. “You can always be doing something to better yourself at your craft,” Kyle said. 

A large part of marketing any band is by having concerts and shows, but the pandemic and social distancing measures put a damper on their normal schedule. “I currently reside in Louisiana since the quarantine and shut downs,” Kyle said. “Through that process a lot has changed in my personal life. I learned so much about myself and what I have been missing outside of music. I go back and forth when needed, and I am to be building me a cabin soon outside of Nashville so I can be there a little more as things progress.” Check out their Youtube channel for some seriously sweet sounds.

Wilson Bros Band

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